About Chilly Filly

The first time I took my tomato chilli jam to market was on
Tuesday 10th November 2009, the first day of a four day
charity sale in Wiltshire. I sold all my stock, 300 jars, in two
hours and had to go home very early and the Tomato Chilli
Jam Co. leapt into life!

Eight weeks later tomato chilli jam was sitting on the shelves of Harvey
Nichols, Knightsbridge. The popularity of this intense addictive jam with
an afterglow has carried it on to the shelves of delis, butchers, farm shops, Dukeshill Ham Company and very recently into the Food Hall of Selfridges
on Oxford Street. All really exciting for a little company whose roots started
at home in the kitchen.

In November 2010 I launched a HOT version of tomato chilli jam, with an after burn, one for the brave but equally as addictive and now almost as popular
as the original. Pineapple chilli jam and Mango chilli jam quickly followed so
there is a flavour for everyone.

The jams are all made by me in the heart of the Suffolk countryside from
fresh ingredients, no additives, no preservatives – just deliciousness…

If you have one item in your cupboard, picnic basket, on your
dining table, cheese board or bbq, then for pure and utter
pleasure it should be tomato chilli jam, or even one of its stable mates from the newly re branded CHILLY FILLY