The perfect accompaniment to curry and all things spicy, cheese, sausages, cold meats, delicious with chicken recipes, roast pork and scrumptious with grilled fish. Why not try some with your next Indian take away - it will turn your meal into a feast.

Fried calamari with mango chilli jam
Serves 2
Ingredients: 500g fresh calamari, cup corn flour, salt and pepper

Method: Prepare calamari by cleaning and cutting into desired pieces. Once
the calamari is cut, place it in a bowl with some corn flour, salt and pepper.
Heat some oil in a pan with a depth of around 1 inch or so. Once the oil is
hot add the calamari a piece at a time and turning when it becomes opaque.
This will be quick so be careful not to overcook it. Lay the cooked calamari
onto a dish with paper towel to take up the excess oil. After cooking the
calamari arrange it around a dipping bowl filled with the mango chilli jam.

ingredients: Mango 55%,
chilli 3%, ginger,
sugar, vinegar,
lemon juice