Cheese on toast - choose your favourite piece of bread and toast it, spread with butter and a layer of tomato chilli jam or hot tomato chilli jam. Grate cheddar cheese on top and melt under the grill. Eat on its own for a tasty snack or serve with a bowl of minestrone soup. Both the pineapple chilli jam and mango chilli jam make a delicious alternative with cheese on toast.

Empty a Light Philidephia cream cheese on to a plate and spoon over either tomato chilli jam or the HOT version, surround the cheese with carrot, pepper and celery sticks and some good crisps. It makes the perfect instant dip.

Spice up fried, poached or scrambled eggs by putting a thin layer of tomato or hot tomato chilli jam on the toast first.

Bacon sandwiches come alive with tomato chilli jam; what could be more perfect freshly sliced bread, butter, tomato chilli jam and crispy bacon…

For a quick instant canapé use a good little biscuit such as Carr’s Cheese nibbles, place a swirl of smoked salmon on top with a dollop of crème fraiche and finish with tomato chilli jam. This works well as the chilli jam counteracts any oiliness from the salmon. Alternatively use a piece of ripe goats cheese or a thin sliver of strong cheddar and place a small spoon of tomato chilli jam on top.

Baked potatoes; for a change from butter put a spoonful of tomato chilli jam in your potato.

All the jams work well with fish; the mango is wonderful with roasted monkfish in pancetta, the pineapple love sea bass served on a bed of puy lentils and both tomato chilli jams bring out the true flavours of scallops, prawns, squid and are a perfect alternative to tomato ketchup for fish and chips.

Braised puy lentils are excellent served with roast pigeon, grouse, grilled venison, bream and pork chops…use a spoonful of either pineapple for the bream, pork and grouse or tomato chilli jam for the pigeon and venison, they will enhance and bring out the flavour with a gentle afterflow of chilli.

All the chilli jams can be used as a flavouring…..
Add pineapple to gravy for roast pork,
Tomato or hot tomato chilli jam to a bbq sauce,
Add to soups and stews.

Experiment and enjoy!